Chlorella is a single celled green algae that is excellent in maintaining your health in the best condition in a rich and natural way. Chlorophyll is the substance responsible buy dihydrocodeine online uk for giving a plant’s green colour, Chlorophyll is in every living plant. The content of chlorophyll in chlorella is higher than any known plant, there are many benefits of supplementing with chlorella, here are 8 that i have listed below.

1. Chlorella contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body needs and can be used as a daily multivitamin.

2. Microfibres in chlorella effectively remove heavy metals that have accumulated in the body, it also contains sporopollenin which adsorbs poisonous substances in our body that are then expelled by means of the lymphatic system, thus chlorella protects us from the harmful effects of both heavy metals and poisonous substances.

3. With the complete vitamin-b complex, chlorella relives fatigue and elevates energy levels. You can better effectively cope with challenges of work and daily activity’s after 3-4 weeks of taking chlorella.

4. Chlorella contains 5 times the level of Chloroform found in green vegetables. These high levels of chlorophylls promotes a steady erythrocyte production and maintains a high concentration of hemoglobin, which cleans the blood and makes it flow more smoothly. Chlorophylls also have functions that can remove body odor.

5. Vitamin-B12 is known to help stimulate the production of hemoglobin and to keep red blood cells as well as the nervous system healthy. An effect which is rare with just the intake of normal vegetables. Daily use of chlorella maintains good physiological balance and prevents pernicious anemia, chlorella is especially helpful for vegetarians that are lacking vitamin-B12.

6. Most cancers and diseases develop when the body is in an acidic state, the body should be slightly more alkaline but due to many peoples diets in western society this is often not the case. Chlorella is an alkaline abundant food, long term use helps maintain a slightly more alkaline constitution, their by helping to keep the body healthy and preventing diseases from developing.

7. Chlorella strengthens gastro-intestinal functions, it also enhances resistance to disease by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

8. When taken orally, chlorella lowers blood sugar level to acceptable levels, thus making chlorella an excellent supplement for people diabetes.